Hiddenblackmask ( Chico) was always infatuated with music and how it moves the soul. To capture the true hidden self, the part of you that awakens when the right moment strikes. The true self that is revealed  when no one is around, is the most precious. Hawaii is where Hiddenblackmask was born, but it truly blossomed in Japan. He thanks the local artists in Japan that  collaborated and worked along side of in various projects.  He chose to commit his life to finding individuals who want to share their secrets. His goal is to travel the world in search of the real moments and beauty hidden within all of us. To capture the moment, without exposing the full story is what hiddenblackmask is all about. He welcomes everyone to experience his world regardless of where they come from. Being free to express oneself  in the dark should be felt by everyone. Being free equals true happiness. Hiddenblackmask opens a world with no rules to be able to express one's true hidden feelings. You don't have to hide who you truly are, for the truth comes out when the mask is on.


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